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No scanners were identified. Here is what I see now: Brother seemed to have dropped the ball with Linux Support prior to the December 25, update but everything seems to work flawlessly now as per the linked answer above. The driver versions were chosen by the linux-brprinter-installer tool from the Brother website under my model. Thanks for the sanity check. Yes, i know sane should automatically install as dependency of xsane , but I’ve seen situations when it’s missing for some reason. I will take a look at it the details you have provided and try to figure out how this applies to my setup.

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If I figure out what is keeping my scanner from being recognized and get it working, I will come back and share what I did to fix it.

Thanks for taking another look. I named bbrother printer HL-LDW, same as the model name, but you can choose any name that make sense to you. The directory location varies depending on your Linux distribution. If it works, then it’s a privilege issue.

Install all drivers from brother website as normal Open this file: Here is the result: How could I uninstall all of this and start over? I have to reboot to Debian, mount Ubuntu and then open what I want to print and then can print.


Linux Informations

I attached a couple of screenshots showing mfc-9840cew printer side info and the scanner side info on XSane Brother printer properties. This is what I got when I entered your command: Finally I noted a new driver post from Brother dated !!

Load saved configuration So you can try redo the scan setup like this: I only had to do this single step mentioned earlier but that answer also included other steps. As Mdc-9840cdw went through the steps, it occurred to me that I needed this exercise just to give me a perspective on what new users face in just getting around in a new OS.

Downloads | MFCCDW | United States | Brother

The Brother page above is for installing a scanner driver on your network. Just to update you.

Anyway, the bottom line seems to be a permission problem of some kind, which would make sense. If I figure out what is keeping my scanner from being recognized and get it working, I will come back and share mvc-9840cdw I did to fix it. I hacked around this block but it did not help getting scanner working so just more time wasted.

Brother updated software December 25, 2017.

Thanks again for looking over my problem! You can try re installing the packages this way: I found this solution in this thread on Ubuntu forums. For type 3 scanners on Debian based Linux distros with 64 bit CPU, the scanner driver is the brscan You probably use a different name.


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Simple-scan cannot see LAN Brother MFCCDW – Hardware – Ubuntu MATE Community

Using Gedit with sudo no longer works in Ubuntu Here are the results of the grep command just to complete this: Each files covers different Brother scanner models. Ubuntu is case sensitive so use the command dir or ls to check directory names.

Screenshot at Uninstalled the Brother scan driver and scan key and reinstalled them. Thomas Ulrich Lonux 56 1 4. I checked on my laptop and found the following: Here are the results of the grep command just mmfc-9840cdw complete this:.

I did everything similar to what you describe, except I put the ip address as the URi.